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Animals on the streets

Everyday there is a new animal on the street. Cats, dogs you name it, it’s out there without a home. You may think this is a lost cause, trying to get animals off the streets but if you think…

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Nice Tragedy – Teddy Bears & Flowers – a tribute

A tribute campaign from Australian kids and schools to share our care, sympathy and hope with those impacted by the Nice tragedy. Planning a three ‘M’s’ action with 1. Minutes (reflection), 2. Messages (to express sympathy, care and gratitude) and, 3. Money (for a tribute to present to the City of Nice).

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Room to Read

We are raising money for children without an education. We are donating our money to a charity called Room to Read which is a charity that aims to give every child in the…

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Stop The Abuse; Save The Children

Hi my name Sophie Angel and I want to put out there the topic of child abuse. This is something that…

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Captain Courageous

Share62 CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS INFORMATION After establishing the Captain Courageous Foundation 6 years ago and raising close to $2.5m the foundation’s mission to make a difference to children suffering Bone Marrow Failure…

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Provide fresh water for people in need

Hi, my name is Rhiannon and I go to Main Arm Upper Public School in New South Wales. For my genius hour project this year I want to help provide water…

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file-29-syrian kids

Help Refugee Children Reunite with Their Families

Share0 More and more children are fleeing on their own and arriving unaccompanied in the world’s refugee camps and reception centres. Refugee children have fled horrific violence and desperately need your support.…

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Hands on a globe --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


Hello, I am Joseph Beyrooti. In 2016, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Halogen Young Leaders Day. During the event, a man…

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Kids With Alopecia

My friends and I are raising awareness for kids, like our friend Lucy, who have alopecia. Alopecia is a condition that causes permanent hair loss and…

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2016 Hope for Brussels

My name is Anar and I attend Kelvin Grove State School in Brisbane. After hearing about the Belgium bombings, I was driven…

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DJ Help Foundation

Hi, my name is Daniel, I’m 10 years old and attend Eight Mile Plains States School. Through creating this campaign, what I like to call the DJ Help Foundation, I intend to help others who need it. What I…

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How the Water Gals came about? At Young Leaders Day, that we went to on the 29th of February, a man from KidsGive came to talk to…

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